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Conservation Process: The ‘Drop’

How to effectively preserve buildings while eliminating the uncertainties, risk and change-orders that plague most preservation projects   In any profession, success requires knowledge, tools, and techniques used in the right sequence and at the right time. The preservation of … Continue reading

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The past wasn’t so long ago: how a WWI-era concrete building surprised us with its connection to the past

We were recently asked by a developer to look at a large open air shed they are turning into retail space below and offices above. Since the project sought to use historic tax credit funding, they had many preservation entities … Continue reading

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Carbon Fiber: From Woodwork to Masonry

This is part of larger series on carbon fiber (CF). If you are just joining this blog now, please take a moment to review the previous CF posts.   For our regular readers, we will soon be switching topics to … Continue reading

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Blue Ridge Mortarmaking

It’s about time for a change of subject (to something really different like carbon fiber), but before we do, I wanted to put the awesomeness of fractal geology into perspective as we finish up this segment on making mortar. Now … Continue reading

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Exploring void and pore space in aggregates

As I continued reading the sand chapter in Bryan Higgins’ Experiments and Observations Made with the View of Improving the Art of Composing and Applying Calcareous Cements (1780), I came across this paragraph: “When sand was poured into the glass cylinder until … Continue reading

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A Tale of Three Sands

“I thought that large stones with curvilinear faces, bedded in common mortar, do not form so strong a walls they may when their interstices are filled with fitting stones together with the due quantity of mortar; so mortar made with … Continue reading

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Tailgate Lab: Matching Mortars on the Fly

“From an altitude of 36 centimeters – we were lying prone, elbows down, chins in hand – the assembled gravel, like a new Hampshire boulder field, could be seen for what it was: unique sculpture from distinct terrane in widely … Continue reading

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