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Conservation Process: The ‘Drop’

How to effectively preserve buildings while eliminating the uncertainties, risk and change-orders that plague most preservation projects   In any profession, success requires knowledge, tools, and techniques used in the right sequence and at the right time. The preservation of … Continue reading

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Carbon fiber masonry restraint goes big

Soon after the Menokin chimney, we had a project to repair an 1870s brick building. This era of construction meant ⅛” black mortar joints that had suffered deferred maintenance for at least the last 70 years. Nearly all mortar from … Continue reading

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Carbon Fiber: From Woodwork to Masonry

This is part of larger series on carbon fiber (CF). If you are just joining this blog now, please take a moment to review the previous CF posts.   For our regular readers, we will soon be switching topics to … Continue reading

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