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Our Polychrome Past

How paint analysis can alter our understanding of a building’s history a new series looks at how the evolution of paint analysis including fluorescence microscopy and protein staining can help us understand far more than what color our historic buildings were painted – while shinning light on … Continue reading

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Conservation Process: The ‘Drop’

How to effectively preserve buildings while eliminating the uncertainties, risk and change-orders that plague most preservation projects   In any profession, success requires knowledge, tools, and techniques used in the right sequence and at the right time. The preservation of … Continue reading

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The past wasn’t so long ago: how a WWI-era concrete building surprised us with its connection to the past

We were recently asked by a developer to look at a large open air shed they are turning into retail space below and offices above. Since the project sought to use historic tax credit funding, they had many preservation entities … Continue reading

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The Conservators Point of View: How do we assess things that are out of reach?

. Best practices in terms of diagnosing building problems requires that you get up close and see everything, keeping in mind that most visible deterioration is a symptom of underlying causes. . But accessing problem areas hasn’t always been an … Continue reading

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Carbon fiber masonry restraint goes big

Soon after the Menokin chimney, we had a project to repair an 1870s brick building. This era of construction meant ⅛” black mortar joints that had suffered deferred maintenance for at least the last 70 years. Nearly all mortar from … Continue reading

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Carbon Fiber: From Woodwork to Masonry

This is part of larger series on carbon fiber (CF). If you are just joining this blog now, please take a moment to review the previous CF posts.   For our regular readers, we will soon be switching topics to … Continue reading

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Carbon Fiber Repair Options for Historic Buildings, Woodwork – Part 2

We were looking at every fragment of Menokin from the standpoint of being able to return it to the building. Over the last 40 years we had developed many consolidation and repair techniques, but as stated earlier, this was an … Continue reading

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